Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hole-y Leaking

What is the appropriate course of action when faced with the following scenario?:

You get up in the morning to make some eggs, and realize that your kitchen window is dripping on to the stove. Pouring, even. The spring melt must be getting in through the walls somehow. You:

A. Call your landlord and have him send out a contractor to fix the problem immediately.
B. Take action yourself, rip out the panelling, dry it out, and patch up the holes.
C. Draw a picture of the Virgin Mary above the leak so that it looks like she's crying on to the stove, then interpret that to mean that the Virgin Mary doesn't want anyone in the house to cook today. Order pizza.
The answer, of course, when you live in one of my landlord's houses, C. Last time we had a similar problem (except it was the basement, and it was flooded), he chastised us for calling and told us to throw some towels on the floor then point a fan or a hair dryer at the (sopping) walls. So glad to be renting from a house owner, not a property manager next year!
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