Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Career Counselling

A group of us were discussing the somewhat hilarious list of first date questions from OKCupid. For example, a positive response to "Do you like the taste of beer?" has a 60% correlation with "Will you sleep with someone you just met?" We discovered our own list of questions tied to "Are you an engineer or scientist?" that had almost 100% correlation (albeit over a group of 8 or so). Highlights include:
-Have you ever watched a hard drive defragment? For fun? Are you sad that they defragment too quickly now to see the bits move?
-Have you ever sorted your pocket change by value or year? Did you line the coins up into a histogram? Did you then save your results in a spreadsheet for comparison?

As soon as I gather enough questions, I can totally offer better career counselling!
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