Friday, November 23, 2007

You CAN get full off of ice cream

This about sums up my semesters:

Week before classes: Make a plan of all the things I'm going to do this semester, like volunteer, eat healthy, and exercise. Start exercise. Buy lots of vegetables. Learn a new recipe.

First day of class: Go to new club meetings and investigate various volunteering options on campus.

First week of class: Realize I don't have any paper. Or binders. Or duotangs. Or pencils. Or erasers. Or textbooks.
Buy pencils and paper.

Second week of class: Search frantically for used textbooks to avoid getting pwned. Find some binders somewhere.

First month of class: Exercise occasionally, eat well.

Second month of class: Begin stressing out about upcoming midterms.
Stress out about upcoming midterms.
Experience first-hand the terrors of midterms.
Work self to death.
Eat candy.
Forget about volunteering.

Third month of class: Why am I still writing midterms? When was the last time I cleaned my room? When was the last time I did laundry (first month of class). Eat grilled cheese sandwiches all month. Finish midterms, then spend 2 days recovering and doing laundry.

Fourth month of class: Still recovering from 3rd month of class. Have no idea what has happened since third month of class. Panic about finals. Live off of PBJs because they're easier than grilled cheese. Eat random food found in the fridge. Eat the random food in the freezer. (today I ate the rest of my ice cream, because I was out of... food) Eat that 3 year old spaghetti in the cupboard. Forget to shower. No clean clothes. No motivation. Can't remember the last time I touched a vegetable besides a potato chip.
Write finals, collapse.

So welcome to the dark abyss of my mind during exam season. Hopefully anyone reading will get to catch glimpses of my happy and funny side, if it hasn't been rolled over by a steamrolller. No promises.

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