Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Productive Snorting

I was at a really long training seminar today. Somewhere along the line, it went from training into life coaching. Wasn't expecting THAT! Basically what I took away from this was that I never ever want to reach the point where I'm one of those people that needs to go to training sessions to learn to schedule time for my personal life using common office applications. It was sad, because I think some of the people there actually needed to be told to plan time for their personal lives.

Anyway, that's not the story I meant to tell. There was one guy there who kept on challenging everything the presenter said with, "That's not how we do it!" "That's not going to work at my company!" "You don't know how I should run my day!", etc, etc. He was pretty old and had been working in construction for a long time. Pretty much your stereotypical set-in-his-ways older guy who isn't familiar with technology, is over-worked, and is thuroughly disenchanted with life. Or so I thought, that is, until he sneezed and said, "Sorry, that must be the cocaine."

I couldn't stop wondering for the rest of the day whether or not he was serious.

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