Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For reference purposes

Some day, I plan on going somewhere. This is more exciting than it sounds, I've only ever been on a plane 3-4 times in my life, and always within North America. To help me decide where to go, my plan is to play Carmen Sandiego (Deluxe!) until I catch Carmen, then go there.

Just so I don't die, I decided to check out international travel advisories and cross off some destinations. I'll just have to come up with a plan B if/when I catch Carmen in one of those countries. I also crossed off a couple of places I don't feel like going to yet. This is my list of Carmen Sandiego travel destinations, for reference purposes.

Here's a list of possible travel destinations(thanks, Wikipedia!):
ACME HQ (San Francisco)
Kabul, Afghanistan Conflict Situation
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sydney, Australia
Vienna, Austria
La Paz, Bolivia Civil unrest? Violence against foreigners? Meeep.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Montreal, Canada Not boring but I want to go international
Santiago, Chile
Beijing, China Olympics might be kind of nutty... Err and human rights?!? This could be a no.
Havana, Cuba I might even have friends to stay with!
Copenhagen, Denmark Remind me to tell you my Cophenhagen Dutch cabbage story some day...
Quito, Ecuador
Cairo, Egypt This would be super cool, but a bit dangerous
Paris, France A little cliché? I might get a job there next term!
Berlin, Germany 1: I don't like beer 2: I would go to all the museums and get depressed 3. I'm not cool enough
Athens, Greece
Guatemala City, Guatemala Might have to cross this one off, there's a warning against using public transit.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Reykjavík, Iceland Woo volcanos!
New Delhi, India What if I get lost?
Jakarta, Indonesia
Baghdad, Iraq
Jerusalem, Israel
Not so interested in religious tourism
Rome, Italy
Kingston, Jamaica
Tokyo, Japan Oh, this would be extra nerdy <3
Phnom Penh, Kampuchea "should have comprehensive medical and travel insurance policies that include provision for medical evacuation by air" Iffy!
Nairobi, Kenya
Bamako, Mali
Mexico City, Mexico
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Yangon, Myanmar I don't think they'd let me in, anyway.
Kathmandu, Nepal Kind of a bad situation right now.
Wellington, New Zealand Birds! Vacation full of birds!
Lagos, Nigeria Armed attacks against foreigners.
Oslo, Norway
Karachi, Pakistan
Panama City, Panama
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Lima, Peru
Manila, Philippines
Warsaw, Poland
Kigali, Rwanda
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cape Town, South Africa
Seoul, South Korea
Moscow, Soviet Union Hm, not exactly what I would think of as a tourist destination, but I bet there's lots of neat architecture
Madrid, Spain I kind of want to watch a bullfight... yeah, morbid.
Colombo, Sri Lanka Avoid non-essential travel
Stockholm, Sweden
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Bangkok, Thailand
Istanbul, Turkey
London, United Kingdom Kinda pricey
New York City, United States Broadway + wallet = death
Caracas, Venezuela A little too close to Columbia, maybe...
Hanoi, Vietnam
Kinshasa, Zaire Is Zaire even a country anymore?

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