Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, your sim is smelly.

My roomate got the Sims 3 and proceeded to make little sims of everyone we know. In the game, you get to pick 5 attributes to sort of describe the sim's personality. Apparently, my sim is clumsy, absent-minded, a genius, and some other stuff.

I watched my roomate play, and as soon as the game started, my sim walked into the house and promptly lit the toaster on fire. I protested, saying that I'm not THAT bad, and most of my clumsy incidents tend to be fairly minor.

This morning I lit the toaster on fire. I'm really not helping my case here.

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Miss Outlier said...

This made me laugh!

I'm clumsy too. Don't let them give you too much flak about it - just say your mind is busy occupied with more important things... :)

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