Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dinosaur troubles

Following my usual tradition, I drew a dinosaur on the midterm I wrote today. This time it was even almost relevant, because the test had a very open-ended "bonus question" and I figured dinosaur content would be appropriate. Apparently, I neglected to pay attention to the clock and the professor neglected to mention that the exam was over. I must have been writing into the start of the next class, because their professor came over to ask me if I was done (aka shoo me the hell out of there) and saw me drawing dinosaurs playing frisbee. Look, it was important, ok?

This is an interdisciplinary class and I'm not telling anyone that I'm a graduating engineer.

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FrauTech said...

Heh. I love adding drawings to my exams when I have time, especially if the question is something ridiculous that would be better appreciated by some art. I also love those moments when I'm somewhere else in life and find myself being stupid and am thankful I don't have to "admit" to anybody I'm an engineering student.

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