Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Moments of Science

Me: "Could you suggest some keywords that would help me find more relevant information on this subject?"
Instructor: "Yes, just do a quick Google search for penetration."
Me: !


Tea said...

I love the new theme, this quote is hysterical, and your picture is from Puzzle Pirates!!! I used to love that game...(then I stopped playing and my pirate got auto-deleted. What a pity).

Also, I wish that I actually knew you so that I could introduce you to my friend who has a slight obsession with getting enough lasers together to build a time machine in her basement (I'm dead serious. Her blog is at, though he most recent posts are all just cataloguing math-team related exploits)

Enginerd said...

I love puzzle pirates, it's a strange combination of two of my interests that works oh so well.

If I could imagine some sort of mechanism for a time machine, even if it were only so slightly possible, I would gladly devote my entire life to it in a heartbeat. Funny you should mention the lasers, I used to work in a laser lab... I ran around with a can of chrome spray paint writing LASER on everything. I'll have to check out her blog :)

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