Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, delightful

Apparently we have Wagner's operas to thank for the fact that one of our midterms was shorter (ie could actually be completed in 2 hours) than expected. The professor mentioned that he had been out at the opera the night before giving the exam, and had come home complaining about how Wagner just liked to torture people with extraordinarily long, painful operas. His friend told him that according to, the tests he gives are ridiculously long and designed to torture people, and he shouldn't complain about Wagner if he was going to torture his students that way. So, he took a question off the test in order to continue complaining about Wagner to his friend without being a hypocrite. He also mentioned that he doesn't typically read reviews of his teaching on-line because he figures that the only students that will post there are the ones that are really pissed off at him (mostly true).

Sadly, there are no more performances of any of Wagner's material for the rest of the season. I hope the final exam for this course doesn't end up being like the Ring trilogy to make up for it.

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