Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am the queen of multiple choice!

Around exam seasons, tutors and tutoring companies like to put up posters around all the academic buildings, from elementary schools to universities, featuing headlines like, "SECRETS OF TEST WRITING", or "HOW TO SCORE WELL ON A MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAM". I always figured that they were scams, or they were review sessions that would teach you the course material so you could score well on the exam. Having nothing better to do one afternoon, I stopped by a free session hosted by my high school. I was astounded to find that the instructors were handing out papers with gems like, "If you don't know the right answer to a multiple choice question, cross out the ones you know are wrong and use the process of elimination to find the most likely answer." In my mind, letting anyone pay you to tell them that amounts to highway robbery.

Then again, I guess I was never the typical student. I remember my mom coaching me with similar tips to the "secret strategies" before I wrote my provincial exams in the third grade. I've had many many years to improve on those strategies since then.

Against what I would consider to be better judgement on the part of the instructor/course administrator, the marks for one of my classes this term are entirely based off of several multiple choice tests. Hell yes, I am going to get my first A+ in university.

Update: Hell yes, I got my A+.

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