Monday, January 5, 2009

And we're off!

I am delighted to start my new job as a research assistant at the university (again!). I thought I was working for a new prof that I don't know very well who has robots and cool toys in his lab. This morning I found an e-mail in my inbox from the professor I worked for a couple of years ago, saying something along the lines of, "Would you meet me in my office, I have work for you." What the? Turns out they're working on a project together that I'll be a part of. I thought it was pretty funny, they didn't tell me beforehand and I thought that original prof was trying to steal me.

Well, I wasn't entirely wrong, both of them want me to work in different lab rooms (my lab! no, my lab!). I just assembled a computer and workstation for myself out of spare parts I found lying around to avoid going back to the old lab. It's not like I was miserable in there or anything, but it's out of the way and I already know most of the people in there. Gotta meet new people and do new things in new places! Oh also did I mention THERE'S A ROBOT IN MY NEW LAB! Good times are ahead.

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