Friday, March 26, 2010

Go big or go home

When I get an idea for something ridiculous, it's gotta happen.

I'm writing an essay about tampons for my science/environment/society class.

The instructor is an older, semi-retired male engineer that likes to spend our classes talking about himself, mostly. The only criteria he would divulge for the final essay were:
1. Must be about a non-technical subject
2. Must be about something the instructor finds interesting
3. Should not be about something the instructor knows about already
4. Should also not have been covered in a final essay by any of the students that have taken the course in the last 20 years he's been teaching it (or something like that).

As if 2 and 3 together weren't enough, sheesh. First I have to read minds, then I have to satisfy some sort of paradox.

Anyway, I figure:
-he likes the environment
-he doesn't know anything about "feminine hygiene products", or knows very little
-none of my predominately male classmates will have chosen the topic in the past

Thus, if I write an essay/paper/assignment/thing about how the taboo surrounding menstruation hinders awareness of more environmentally friendly "feminine hygiene" products, I subsequently fulfill all of the above criteria. Right? Also, for bonus points, as a comparison I'm going to talk about the greenification of sex toys as the adult industry becomes more acceptable/less controversial.

Judging from the looks of horror on my classmates' faces when they heard my essay topic, this is going to be awesome.


Ahava Jora said...

Brava! He will either love it or think twice about this assignment in the future ^_^ I think you bring up very good points.

male sex toys said...

Congratulations on your quick wit and creativity. I'm sure your professor will admire the guts and the uniqueness of your topic. Sex toys that are eco-friendly are in demand nowadays.

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